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Elevate your practice...

Earth & Air Academy Teacher Trainings have been created by by Aerial Yoga and Aerial Arts expert, Chantelle Rawlings alongside a faculty of highly educated and skilled women with a range of arts and wellness specialities.  The trainings feature a highly specialised, in-depth and technical approach to the art and science of Aerial yoga and Aerial arts teaching.

Each course is designed to offer you a wealth of knowledge and can be undertaken as a stand alone, or can be used as a building block towards acquiring a 500hr Certification.  Everyone has unique and specific needs, goals and dreams, which is why the Earth & Air Teacher Trainings always have a face-to-face component.  Chantelle and her team of extraordinary teachers want to get to know you, so that they can offer you the best support. Becoming a skilled and well-rounded teacher is a forever process and as an Earth & Air graduate you will have access to support and guidance from Chantelle, her teachers and fellow graduates.  Because community is what it is all about!

Whether you are a teacher or simply wish to know more, these trainings will gift you with a wealth of information, a fantastic skillset and an opportunity to enrich your life and the lives of others.

As a new studio owner, my business was growing and I was in need of some more teachers. I wanted excellent teachers trained by the best in the business so I invited Chantelle Rawlings to host an Aerial Teacher Training Course at my studio in Geelong.

From the very first interaction, Chantelle was delightful to work with. Accommodating, caring, professional and an expert in all things Aerial Yoga! Chantelle covered two certificate levels in a week-long Intensive Teacher Training for myself and nine students and it surpassed all my expectations.

Chantelle’s in-depth knowledge of postural alignment, refined and concise verbal cues, modifications and comprehensive discussions around student needs, combined with her magical and captivating personality made it an incredible learning experience for all involved.

I could not recommend Chantelle highly enough and am proud to say my teachers were trained by the one and only Yogagirl!

Lexi Marsh,

Director & Aerial Yoga Teacher

Ocean Air Yoga - Geelong