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ChantelleRawlings Yogagirl

I've been an Aerial Hammock Teacher for almost a decade and in that time I've sought out every available source of knowledge and every possible avenue for personal growth. As I tasted the offerings available to me as a student I began to realise that almost exclusively the Aerial Yoga classes were all about the 'Aerial' with the 'Yoga' barely featuring.  This is something I aim to change.  

For me Aerial Yoga is a yoga class with an aerial sling/hammock as a prop.  It's a yoga class without fancy made up names.  It's a yoga class that includes Sanskrit and breath practice and Dharma talks. The Aerial Hammock extends the practice and supports the practice but doesn't define the practice.


That being said, I certainly don't ignore the amazing versatility of the Aerial Hammock, which is why over the years I have continued my learning and exploration and offer trainings in Dance Hammock, Body Conditioning and Therapeutics. My main goal is always to fuel passion with knowledge.  

This is my vision for my teacher trainings and my classes.

Chantelle Rawlings,
Founder of Earth & Air Arts and an International Aerial Yoga Teacher
 Elevate - Float . Fly . Create

Aerial Yoga


Personal Practice 

A weekend course which will gift you with the skills and insight to deepen your personal practice by addressing your individual goals, and unique physical needs.

Aerial Yoga  

Level 1

 - Beginners Series - 

This is a 50-hour intensive Teacher Training which provides in-depth knowledge to cater for new students. 

It examines the responsibility of being the first introduction to an Aerial Yoga practice, and the importance of ensuring that the emotional and physical wellbeing of the student is met.

This is a challenging and essential training for ALL Aerial Yoga Teachers.

Aerial Yoga 

Level 2

- Intermediate Practitioner -

This is an intensive 35-hour Teacher Training which offers Aerial Asana options for the more experienced student and explores the art of teaching through a more technical lens.

Feel challenged physically and intellectually as you delve deeper into the wonderful world of Aerial Yoga! 

Aerial Yoga 

Level 3

- Advanced Practitioner -

This is a 35-hour intensive Teacher Training which offers which offers Aerial Asana options for experienced students searching to extend their physical practice.

The art of teaching is explored through a creative and technical lens, with  an intent to enhance the skill of the teacher and deepen the Aerial offerings.

Aerial Yoga 

for Kids

Prepare to laugh and play and clown about in this energetic and exciting 20-hour Teacher Training!

In this course you will learn the skills to share an Aerial Yoga offering that meets the fun, fantastic and unique needs of children aged 2.5-12 years. 

Aerial Yoga

- Release & Restore -

If you love to nurture your body and nourish your inner being, you will absolutely adore this yummy 20-hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training!

Informed and inspired by Restorative and Yin Yoga practices this Aerial Yoga style utilises a low hammock, which makes it uniquely accessible and truly delicious.


Prepare to be blissed out!