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Aerial Yoga - Level 1

The Level 1 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive training which provides in-depth knowledge to cater for new or inexperienced students.


It examines the responsibility of being the first introduction to an Aerial Yoga practice, and the importance of ensuring that the emotional and physical wellbeing of the student is met.


This is a challenging and essential training for ALL Aerial Yoga Teachers, and provides a pathway to becoming a deeply informed and highly skilled teacher.

Course Content:

  • 50 hours hands on training and mentorship.

  • 75+ Aerial poses with Benefits, Cautions and Modifications

  • Earth & Air Aerial Yoga - Level 1 Teachers Manual (distributed exclusively at the teacher training). 

  • Broad understanding of anatomy and functionality.

  • Physical and philosophical connection between yoga and aerial practices.

  • Introduction to Aerials.

  • Rigging and Equipment care.

  • Alignment and Safe Practice.

  • Spotting and Hands-on Adjustments.

  • Offering effective verbal cues

  • A complete roadmap to sequencing and structuring an Intro to Aerials/Beginner Series Aerial Yoga class for a variety of teaching spaces.

  • Certificate of completion.

Upfront Investment: $1250 (AfterPay is available)

International Fee by Negotiation

*If you are a studio wishing to host a teacher training, please contact us to discuss how we can uniquely tailor a course for you :)


Upcoming Training...

Online Teacher Training...

Begins: April 25, 2022

This Teacher Training will take place exclusively online.

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What People Say ...

This was an exceptional course and content, delivered with wisdom, love and skill.

An amazing experience learning.

Chantelle is very skilled, not only in course content, but also in how to best support individual learning needs.  She created a space that felt safe, encouraging and fun!

To the woman who changed my life. Thank you_edited.jpg

This training offered me a supportive space where I felt comfortable to take the emotional journey.