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Chantelle Rawlings

ChantelleRawlings Yogagirl

For over a decade, Chantelle free spirit has taken her around the world as she explored and developed her yoga journey.  She has acquired decades of training and teaching experience in a wide array of performing arts, healing modalities and yoga, and has been fortunate enough to be a presenter for Wanderlust festivals, both nationally and internationally.  


With over 500 hours of Aerial Hammock training, Chantelle specialises in Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness, Aerial Therapeutics and Dance Hammock.  

All this combines to allow her a detailed perspective of the human body, mind and spirit.

In 2016 she shifted her focus to include developing highly detailed and specialised Aerial Hammock Teacher Training offerings.  These courses are designed to create pathways for teachers and students searching for deeper knowledge and insight into the versatility and application of the Aerial Hammock as a prop and aerial apparatus.

Now Earth & Air includes a faculty of highly skilled individuals who have come together to offer an incredible variety of uniquely specialised and comprehensive trainings.