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Express yourself

Art and self expression are one of the greatest joys of this human experience.  Whether you consider yourself a dancer or simply love to express yourself through movement, you will love these Teacher Trainings!

Dance Hammock

Level 1

Celebrate your body and give voice to your individual creativity as you flow through interesting sequences and explore the art of dance with the use of the Aerial Hammock in this intermediate 35-hour Teacher Training.

Dance Hammock

Level 2

This is an advanced 35-hour Teacher Training that delves in the depths of Aerial Dance movement vocabulary and the skills of creating Aerial Hammock Choreography.


When venturing into the realm of Dance Hammock as an additional apparatus for my studio, it was hard to find any resources to assist in developing appropriate teaching skills. I enquired about undertaking an Earth & Air Aerial Hammock Teacher Training and I am so glad I did!


Chantelle has a profound and extensive knowledge of all things related to the Aerial Hammock. Her invaluable knowledge covered many areas, including concise verbal cues, modifications for age and ability, anatomy, biomechanics and safe practice.


Chantelle’s personality is captivating and the training material was beautifully presented in an easy to digest format. I look forward to future training under Chantelle’s supportive and watchful eye.

Kaitlin Foley,

Director & Aerial Arts Teacher

KADA - Wide Bay