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Recommended Prerequisites

  • Health & Fitness Instructor Certification e.g. Yoga, Pilates etc.

  • A regular physical practice.

  • 6+ months of regular aerial practice.

  • A willingness to receive feedback, laugh at yourself and grow as a person.

Frequently asked questions...

How much previous aerial experience do I need before participating in the course?

It is recommended that you have a minimum of 6 months of aerial experience and are physically fit prior to enrolling into this training.

Do I have to be a certified instructor in the Health and Fitness industry in order to gain an Earth & Air teacher raining certification?

Applicants who are not certified instructors may still be considered for this training, though the more you know... the more you know :)

If I am certified in different styles of yoga/aerials/fitness training, will I be granted recognition of prior learning?

The content of this training is very specialised.  It is necessary that every teacher trainee follow the same path of step-by-step learning. Extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement modalities will of course be very helpful as you explore the mechanics of the body whilst moving through the elements of Earth & Air.